Terms and Privacy Policy

The WinRM app does not collect any data from you. No analytics or usage statistics is sent back to our servers. The apps ask you only for the data that is necessary for providing their functionality. All applications store their data only locally on the device.

Optional WinRM Pro subscription is an auto-renewing App Store subscription. WinRM does not collect any payment data (such as the number of the credit card, the billing name and address, the secret code, and the like). Such payment data are provided by the user while creating an account on Google Play or Apple store, and are collected and processed by the third parties providing the payment services (e.g. credit card, paypal, etc.).

WinRM is not responsible for the collection, protection, processing and/or disclosure of personal data by third parties, such as Google or Apple, or any providers of payment services. We advise our users to read carefully the privacy policy of Google or Apple before providing the personal data required by Google or Apple for making in-app purchases.

Please see Apple Privacy Policy and Google Privacy Policy for more information.